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Discover the different artistic universes of Michèle-Amélie Favre (aka Sensartistik): work with and on aluminum as a visual artist, decorative arts, photographs...

The works presented are available for sale, unique or numbered pieces, with certificate of authenticity. International shipments. 

For any information, contact us.

Aluminum in contemporary art, worked and sublimated in different ways.

Nearly half of the works presented are created from recycled materials.

Oeuvre d'art en aluminium sur panneau ChromaLuxe de Michèle-Amélie Favre (alias Sensartistik)

A concept exclusive to the artist: the wall folding on aluminum sheet. Discover the evolving work.

Détail d'un pliage mural sur feuille d'aluminium, oeuvre d'art de Michèle-Amélie Favre (alias Sensartistik)

Swirling floral inspirations, belonging to the “Vortex” series, play on illusions.

Original works using a mixed technique, enhanced by hand.

Available on different media and in different formats. 

Série Vortex, des oeuvres d'art de Michèle-Amélie Favre (alias Sensartistik)

Color or black and white, the search for emotions above all. 

Numbered art prints, limited edition. 

Présentation d'une photographie de Michèle-Amélie Favre (alias Sensartistik)

A resolutely colorful universe, unique works or series in very small quantities.

Image de l'oeuvre d'art Firework de Michèle-Amélie Favre (alias Sensartistik)
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