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Cover of the book "The opportunities of the unexpected - When the unexpected becomes the opportunity to transform your life" published by Dunod. The word serendipity appears.

Artist, Michèle-Amélie Favre (aka Sensartistik) is also an author: her book "Les opportunités de l'inattendu - Quand l'imprévu devient l'occasion de transformer sa vie", which aims to make serendipity accessible, was published at Dunod editions (Hachette Group) in January 2021. After working as a manager for more than 15 years, expert in strategy, marketing and communication, she decided to change her life at 40 to devote herself to her artistic activity, while maintaining her role as mentor to professionals and individuals via the Ideas and Inspiration Lab Agency, LOXO, of which she is the founder. 

A serendipitous innovator, in constant search of innovation, she regularly collaborates with other trades and the industrial world as part of her practice as a visual artist, with an objective of continuous improvement and development.   

A multidimensional explorer, her artistic field is vast and not limited, passing through photography, drawing, painting, sculpture until her last monumental installation entitled "Oeuvre 202", made with recycled aluminum with a height of 3 meters by a width of 24 meters as part of its exhibition “L’(H)ALU!”. Close to abstract expressionism, she defines herself as a "creator of illusions", through the creation of digital work but also through the modeling and folding of the material that she sublimates, notably aluminum. Among her influences, we must cite, among others, John Chamberlain, Robert Rauschenberg, Simon Hantaï...

To access the press review in french, click here. 

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